Face Mathematics Exams With Confidence

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Exam Elf is an educational mathematics app developed for students in Grades 4-8. Students are typically taught the content within the classroom environment but not necessarily the skills of how to complete the testing. From our research, we learned that students often under perform in testing for a number of reasons including stress, anxiety, time limits and rushing through the exam. Exam Elf teaches students the 12 key skills they need to be able to go into exams feeling confident that they will do their best. Students will learn in a non-threatening environment how they can avoid making mistakes that cost them points by ensuring that they read questions correctly, look at all the answers and focus on the key components in the question.

After choosing your avatar you’ll work your way through the various mathematics disciplines to earn different belts (think karate!) as you progress on your learning journey. Your parents can load themselves as a ‘booster’ to offer encouragement, give virtual high fives and you can even ask them to help out with questions.