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Exam Elf - A Top Pick Math and Test Prep App

"Wow! I seriously wish I had this Top Pick app about a month ago, when my students were preparing for our standardized tests. Exam Elf is a great way for students in fourth through sixth grades to practice a wide variety of math skills with a focus on test taking strategies."

"This isn't your standard skill and drill math review though. It also focuses on essential test taking strategies."

"This app is huge! And wow do I wish that I had this to prep my students for the 'big test.' There is a lot to like about this app."

Techy Talk: Exam Elf

"Today I am writing about one of my students' favorite new math apps, Exam Elf."

"I will begin by saying that one of my biggest pet peeves with apps is when they take forever to load, but that is NOT a problem for Exam Elf. The app loads quickly, and has not crashed on me at all."

"After each set of questions, the app goes over the questions. One thing that I really love is that the questions are varied, not just straight computation like so many other apps."

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Exam Elf: A fantastic free iOS app that helps students develop basic Math skills while developing test taking skills as well.

Exam Elf – Prepares Kids for Key Exam Skills in Mathematics

"Exam Elf is a new app that helps kids with all of the skills necessary to do well on a mathematics exam and provides an outlet for parents to reward and praise their child for a job well done."

"What I really like about this app is that it focuses less on the content of the exam and more on the actual skills needed to master a math test."

"Things like time constraints, distractions, vision, grasp and strategy are all important to test taking, especially for those prone to disappointing test grades. I also appreciate the parent zone of the app, which lets you “boost” a child’s ego with praise and digital high fives. The parent zone also give in-depth reporting on how the child is doing based on quiz results. This allows you to see all of your child’s weaknesses and strengths so you can hyper focus your attention on what they need to succeed."

I Love My Classroom: Exam Elf App

"Today I wanted to share about a relatively new app that my kiddos came across near the end of school."

"I highly recommend their app! Exam Elf was great to have my kids review the different concepts we learned this year. My own boys also enjoyed working with the program at home. It's set up with specific areas and skills to work on."

"The characters are kid friendly, and there is motivation to work toward their goals."

Technology Tidbits: Exam Elf

"Exam Elf is a great new free iOS app that blends Game Based Learning w/ Mathematics to make a fun learning experience for kids. This is all done in a fun interactive environment designed for grades 4th-6th and helps them develop their test taking skills."

"This is a fantastic app for helping teach Math and develop basic test taking skills as well as provide high-replay value for students."

"I highly recommend checking out Exam Elf"

New Learning Times: EdLab Review

The game is filled with bright colors, theme music, cute characters, and customizable avatars, all designed to be very appealing to children.

Exam technique alone isn’t going to earn an A, but learning how to take tests well can save students from silly mistakes.

The math concepts aren’t the main point of the game, but Exam Elf uses questions from real tests—as a result, students end up strengthening math skills as well as practicing test technique.

Mrs. Overby's Class Site

"Exam Elf - great app to review test taking skills and content for EOGs"