Learn How To Help Your Child

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Exam Elf supports parents to support their children. Exam Elf provides you and your children with an amazing app to prepare them for the all important TEKS mathematics exams.

Parents play an integral part on a student's learning journey and can be a positive influence. Research has shown that students' exam results are significantly higher when they have the support of their parent or guardian. Parents want to give their children the best possible chance of success and can do so by offering encouragement, guidance, support and by simply showing an interest in their school work. Often however, parents are time poor and are not always sure on the TEKS Standards or exam testing conditions.

Exam Elf has been developed for students but with parents in mind. We understand that private tuition is expensive and for many families it is simply not an option. Exam Elf is the solution to this problem! Within the game you can send a virtual high five, send words of encouragement and even test your knowledge by answering a question that your child might be stuck on.